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Premium No-Kink Hula Hoops

Serving Kansas City & the Continental United States

Features & Specs
    Premium No-Kink Hula Hoop Specs
    • Quantity: 12
    • Size Options
    • 24" Diameter
    • 30" Diameter
    • 36" Diameter

    Premium No-Kink Hula Hoop Features
    • Uses: Physical Education, Rec Centers, Aerobics and Fitness
    • Features Premium No Kink, Extra Thick Outer Frame
    • Multi Functional
    • Improves Coordination and Balance
    • Available in 3 Separate Sizes
    • Includes 12 Hoops in 6 Colors
    • Features 1-Year Warranty

    Premium No-Kink Hula Hoop Colors:
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Green Orange

Premium No-Kink Hula Hoops Details

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