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MC Composite Series Footballs

Serving Kansas City & the Continental United States

Features & Specs
    MacGregor MC Composite Series Football Specs
    • Football Size Options
    • Official, High School & College Ages 14+
    • Youth, 7th and 8th Graders Ages 12 - 14
    • Junior, 4th to 6th Graders Ages 9 - 12
    • Pee Wee, 1st to 3rd Graders Ages 6 - 9

    MacGregor MC Composite Series Football Features
    • Uses: Pee Wee, Junior, Youth, High School, and College
    • Material: Composite Leather Tacked for Enhanced Grip
    • Color: Brown with White Laces and Stripes
    • Retains Air in Butyl Bladder
    • Features Double Laced Design for Ball Control
    • Features a Nylon-Wound Carcass for Keeping Shape
    • Includes 1-Year Warranty

MC Composite Series Footballs Details

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